In One Week

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Here we are just one week from the General Election. Many have already cast their ballots while others wait to vote in person. I am hopeful that the voter turnout is a record-breaker. I expect we will not know the final count for sometime after the polls close. I hope I’m wrong. Today, my purpose is to ask anyone who reads this to share it and encourage your family, friends, and followers to Vote.
We hear all too often; my vote won’t matter; I don’t like the candidates or some other reason for not voting. Call me naive, but I am hopeful that we can start healing the divisions in our beloved country when all is done.

...that’s 30. God Bless America

Your Vote Does Matter

Voting is taking place in a significant part of the county, and I don’t think we can say it enough, your vote counts. Some people I care dearly about tell me they can’t vote for Biden, but they don’t want Trump for another four years. I suspect there are many conflicted voters.  All I can say is to take a long look at the bigger picture.  Consider the quality of life for all people, our planet’s condition, and issues that impact the common good.

Vote your conscience because you will want to live with your decision and not wonder, “what if I voted the other way?”

While the Presidential race is getting the most attention, study your local and state issues. Get to know the candidates and what they stand for.  The bottom line is these races will impact your daily life more than the top of the ticket. 

Once the election is over, I am hopeful we can focus on healing relationships, restoring civility, and the future for our children and grandchildren.

Vote, then ask your family and friends to vote.  Drive a senior to the polling place or babysit for a neighbor so they can vote.

…that’s 30 for now.

Thoughts of an Independent Voter

I have always been proud that I’m an Independent Voter and not part of either party. While I will admit, I lean one way or the other at times; I prefer to cast my vote for the candidate or issue that squares with my conscience. As hard as I might try, being a moderate right now is hard.

We live in a time when politics are driving personal relationships, and that I find is unacceptable. I have friends and family that I genuinely care about who are “hard right” and “hard left.” Where are the other Moderates? What has happened to common sense and the common good?

As we rapidly approach the general election, I am as concerned about the local races as I am the national. Those elected to serve our schools, cities, counties, and states will pass legislation that will impact our daily lives. In the past have voted a split ticket, and I will continue to vote for the person I believe will get the job done regardless of party.

Those serving in Congress and the White House must find ways to resolve the partisan politics tearing our country apart. Those in leadership are not working together to meet our countries needs. Wonder what would happen if there was a robust Independent candidate? A moderate who would work both sides of the aisle.

…that’s 30 today. And DON’T FORGET TO VOTE.

What if my wife could not Vote?

It is my intention that this Blog is a place to exchange ideas and learn from each other. Todays post is from a friend who wished to remain anonymous. Since it is very timely, we will respect that request.

While watching the Republican National Convention last night, I appreciated the First Lady’s perspective.  First—her simple human story of fleeing oppression, for freedom.  Communist oppression, for American freedom.  

And then as she touched on the anniversary of the 19th Amendment, I considered my wife.  I considered all free women of the world—especially all lucky enough to live in the most-free country in the world.  

My wife is very smart.  And independent.  And beautiful.  She does not speak as many languages as Mrs. Trump, but her heart is every bit as capacious.  

My wife’s heritage is also Eastern-bloc, a milder version with Czech roots, but she was born and raised here in the free state of Kansas.  The 19th Amendment recognition made me consider—my wife has never felt diminished because of her gender.  But what if she was not afforded the natural right to her voice?  What if she couldn’t vote?  

She would not be the same person she is today.  And that simple thought crushes me.  What if her voice were suppressed?  How would she temper her opinions?  

How dehumanizing.  

And then I realized she faces that dehumanization every day.  My smart, independent-minded, devoted wife is a Republican.  She cannot wait to vote again this November, for freedom, equality, faith and opportunity.  But because of that, her freedom of speech (the First Amendment, by the way) has been trod upon.  Rudely.  Every day, lately.  

I yearn for a return to a more civil time.  A more civil time, when voters, citizens, neighbors can disagree.  But can do so without hate.  

Author’s name withheld for personal reasons. 

…that’s 30 for today.

The Next 100 Days

In about 100 days, our country will have a general election. Between now and then, we will be force-fed political ads, news conferences, and generally contentious spin. Our mailboxes will be full of candidate flyers. I am already tired of it, and it’s just begun.

Thinking about these next 100 days, I wonder how we will treat each other when it is over? I genuinely believe we are all weary of the pandemic, the protests, and finger-pointing. Should the election turn out to be the opposite of the way I would like it, can I accept and support the majority? (Or Electoral College)

What can we do individually to prepare for whatever the outcome is? How will we act?

…that’s 30 for today.

Current Events

It is unbelievable what is happening in our country. Recent events leave me mostly dumbfounded. Some say I consume too much news, and I should tune it out. But I’m thinking that may be part of the problem.
We have become numb as a nation. We haven’t, until last week, raised our voices and demanded peace and civility.

I was pleased to see the diversity in the crowds of people protesting the treatment of our black neighbors. I was shocked to see the many incidents of unnecessary force. I agree it is time to evaluate the structure and policies of our law enforcement agencies. Many dedicated public servants are doing a great job, and I’m sure they, with the public, can develop the reforms. Actions to prevent the deaths we have seen over and over again.

The threat of federal involvement in local affairs is of great concern. We have a President that is not capable of leading or allowing those with the expertise to address our problems. His “photo op” in front of the church is disgusting and shows how low he will stoop to get attention.

I hope that the thousands of those protesting on the streets of cities around the county will now transition to a voter registration effort. We need to get this person and his enablers out of office.

Let us all pray for our country.