Life after Covid-19

Bits and pieces of what life after this pandemic might look like are starting to surface. While it is likely too soon to know for sure, it could be time to start thinking about how we will adjust.

Distancing will likely drive many changes. Classroom size and numbers of children attending school at the same time. How to manage hall passing and lockers could be an issue. Janitorial tasks could change.

There may well be changes in the workplace. Will the trend to a wide-open workspace change? Will corporations take a closer look at how they plan and manage their environment for the health and safety of employees and customers?

Chruch services? While many denominations treasure their traditions, will we see a change in these celebrations?

Will face masks become a staple in stores other than medical supply firms? How will states and federal governments manage stockpiles of critical medical supplies? Further, will the pandemic planning taskforce be reinstated?

It will be interesting to watch the changes this will have on our society. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment.