What if my wife could not Vote?

It is my intention that this Blog is a place to exchange ideas and learn from each other. Todays post is from a friend who wished to remain anonymous. Since it is very timely, we will respect that request.

While watching the Republican National Convention last night, I appreciated the First Lady’s perspective.  First—her simple human story of fleeing oppression, for freedom.  Communist oppression, for American freedom.  

And then as she touched on the anniversary of the 19th Amendment, I considered my wife.  I considered all free women of the world—especially all lucky enough to live in the most-free country in the world.  

My wife is very smart.  And independent.  And beautiful.  She does not speak as many languages as Mrs. Trump, but her heart is every bit as capacious.  

My wife’s heritage is also Eastern-bloc, a milder version with Czech roots, but she was born and raised here in the free state of Kansas.  The 19th Amendment recognition made me consider—my wife has never felt diminished because of her gender.  But what if she was not afforded the natural right to her voice?  What if she couldn’t vote?  

She would not be the same person she is today.  And that simple thought crushes me.  What if her voice were suppressed?  How would she temper her opinions?  

How dehumanizing.  

And then I realized she faces that dehumanization every day.  My smart, independent-minded, devoted wife is a Republican.  She cannot wait to vote again this November, for freedom, equality, faith and opportunity.  But because of that, her freedom of speech (the First Amendment, by the way) has been trod upon.  Rudely.  Every day, lately.  

I yearn for a return to a more civil time.  A more civil time, when voters, citizens, neighbors can disagree.  But can do so without hate.  

Author’s name withheld for personal reasons. 

…that’s 30 for today.