Year End Thoughts

It won’t be long now, and 2021 will be over. While it was a little better than 2020, we still have Covid, the Jan. 6th investigation, deep divides in a growing number of religious denominations, and inflation. Not to mention gun violence across the country and the mental health of our youth

This past year saw an increase in partisanship. School boards, local city, and county governments have traditionally been non-partisan; however, we are witnessing more political divide at this level. We are seeing state officials threatening action in school board issues. Meanwhile, state Attorney Generals continue to fight Federal decisions of the opposite party. I say ENOUGH!

The best part of this past year has been the number of new friends we’ve made. Living in a retirement community was a smart move for us. If something breaks or does not work, we call General Services to fix it. Soon it will snow, and I can watch as someone other than me clears the sidewalks.

Looking ahead, wouldn’t it be wonderful if more leaders like Bob Dole found their way into leadership? People of all walks who cared for the common good. Corporations who paid just wages and returned some of their profit to the communities supporting their business.

So for the New Year, will you join me in promoting Kindness? Civility? Personal and Corporate Social Responsibility?

Happy New Year