Thoughts on the pandemic.

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Sure I knew that there is a National Institute of Health, but not very much about their mission. Neither did I pay much attention to the my County Health Department except when I took a food handlers course. That class made me somewhat of a germaphobe as I became aware of the dangers associated with food preparation.

Now, as a septuagenarian living in the age of Covid-19, it is easy for me to appreciate the cautions voiced by the likes of Dr. Fauci. What I don’t condone are those using the spread of the virus for political gain. I believe some politicians are taking advantage of the fears or assumptions some have in this country. They are looking for a short term advantage by promoting what they think their base wants to hear without regard for the facts. While the majority of Americans are looking for leadership.

Seven in 10 Americans also say they trust their governor over the president when it comes to reopening businesses.

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The pandemic, racial tension, and a spike in violence are taking a toll on our patience. This a volatile time when some common sense and a measure of kindness might help build healthy relationships.

Let’s listen to the experts, wear our masks, and hope for an answer on how to manage this virus.

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The Pandemic and Masks

The news about the pandemic is not favorable this week. By all accounts, there is a dramatic increase in the number of new cases and deaths. In Kansas, health experts report that people in their 20’s and 30’s make up the majority of those cases. Speculation is that the rise may well be the result of gatherings over Memorial Day.

The medical experts say those not wearing masks in public places exacerbate the problem. Those invincible young folks that are gathering in bars, parties, and preferred social settings are risking their health and that of their families.

Has wearing a mask to keep others safe become a political issue? I don’t understand how this violates anyone’s rights, as some claim. I am not crazy about wearing one as they are not comfortable, but I believe it is the right thing to do.

As crucial as the racism issue is, has it superseded the pandemic? Can we not give priority to both? This virus does not see color, and we need to care for each other. Do you wear a mask? Why or Why Not?

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