If your mother says she loves you…Check it out.

Early in my professional life, I latched on to the saying, “If your mother says she loves you…Check it out. That has never been more true than today. I believe this adage started by the staff of City News in Chicago.

With the abundance of today’s information sources, we need to be cautious with what is a fact, fiction or gossip. Many of our well-intended friends share a social media post or snippet of copy they found somewhere on the internet. They may share because the information is something they wish was real. Perhaps some are promoting a cause about which they care. Others may be just plain vicious, spreading false facts.

Our nation is so divided that it is nearly impossible to know what is truth and what is not. I have the utmost confidence that the mainstream media abides by the saying mentioned above. Yes, some may lean to the right or left, but for the most part, they strive to be fair and accurate.

Do they make mistakes? Yes, we all do. I urge you to be cautious of what you see on the internet. Ask yourself, what is the source of information? Who posted it, and when was it published. Just because a friend posted, it does not make it a fact. Further, if you see something you know to be wrong or questionable, don’t hesitate to politely ask the person who wrote or posted the piece about their source or statement. A good journalist will usually appreciate your inquiry.

How do you check facts?