Governing or Marketing?

Oh, what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive. – Sir Walter Scott (Marmion 1808)

I’ve become convinced that this current administration is not about governing, it is about positioning. The White House continues to operate like a revolving door of advisors with little experience telling the President what he wants to hear. Cowing to his aggrandizement and not the public interest.

Where are the statesmen and women? The Doles, McCains, Kassenbaum’s? Not to mention Mansfield, Powell, and Kissinger. Certainly not perfect in all aspects, but they were all above the shoddy carnival-like culture of today.

Are we okay with being the laughing stock of the world? Long-standing, trusting relationships are gone. The elected are not being held accountable, and many of us just allow it to continue.

We need to let our representatives know this “normal” is NOT acceptable. 

As a lifelong Independent, I am looking for honesty, expertise, and a servant leadership mentality for all running in the next election. I want to see those appointed and then confirmed to be knowledgable in the field of their responsibility. Am I asking too much?  

We all need to make sure everyone votes. Saying my vote will not make a difference is not acceptable. Talk to your family, friends, and business associates about the importance of thins next election. Our children and their children’s lives depend on it.

I’d welcome your comments as well,