I am living proof that rainy days do not help the isolation. Here we are on day 42 of the Stay-At-Home Order, and the weather is not cooperating.

Yesterday, it was sunny warm, and delightful. We got some things done around the house and picked up our online grocery order. I ordered some face masks online as it appears they will become a necessary accessory for months to come.

While out, I drove past a massive mall with only a handful of cars in the vast lot. Will these stores survive, or will we adapt to new ways of shopping?

Speaking of adapting, tomorrow, we will gather (six feet apart) in front of my second son’s home to wish our grandson a Happy 5th birthday. No hugging but a a present was mailed earlier.

Today may be aggravating, but we’ve got it better than many. I hope all are doing well, adjusting to what we all hope if a temporary reality. Stay Safe and Wash your hands.