Another “Covid” Monday

It could be a song title, not a popular song, but one of our time. It has been an unbelievable week or so, and I’m curious what the next five weeks will hold. 

Today the President remains in Walter Reed Army Hospital for treatment for the coronavirus. Lots of discussion about just how sick he is and what he will do next.  I find it unbelievable that our government allowed the White House garden to introduce the Supreme Court nominee.  Absolutely no distancing, very few masks, and the other precautions recommended by the CDC.  Just how many of these in attendance have or will become sick is yet unknown.

This past weekend we held a garage sale.  I’m pleased to report that all in attendance wore masks.  I had put a sign requesting masks in the front yard, and no one argued.  All respected my request.  We had hand sanitizer at the cashiers table and were as careful as possible.  I can’t compare my garage sale to a White House event, but I can justifiably critize those who planned that event.

Praying for common sense. 

…that’s 30 for today.