Capitol attack investigation

We watched in horror on January 6th as an angry mob attacked our nation’s Capitol. But, unfortunately, some politicians elected to serve our country are now dodging reality and downplaying the most severe nature of this insurrection. We have even heard some say things like it was nothing more than tourists visiting the Capitol. How ridiculous.

The formation of an independent commission to investigate this attack on our democracy passed the House; however, Republican party leaders have opposed this investigation. Even though some Republican Senators approve of the Commission, others voted against it. This citizen finds it unbelievable that any U.S. Senator could resist getting all the details of this planned and coordinated attack. I suggest it is their duty and obligation, and one that overrides party loyalty.

We are now six months since the attack on our nation’s Capitol, and while there have been about 500 arrests, there is more to be known about what appears to be an organized effort. Credible reports indicate some of those involved were military, ex-military, or law enforcement. They were individuals trained beyond that of most citizens and acted in an organized way.

Those who helped plan and promote this attack are as guilty as those who invaded our Capitol. I believe those politicians who blocked the formation of a bipartisan commission to investigate are also culpable and need to be held accountable. I wonder how many that would not support the investigation are soon to be up for election?

What was the role of the Oath Keepers, the Three Percenters, and the Proud Boys? Where their elected officials that by their rhetoric helped facilitate this crime? Is there any truth to stories that some of the insurgents toured the capitol days before the attack? Were so-called early intelligence reports ignored? Did someone delay the arrival of additional officers or guardsmen? We, the American public, deserve to have answers and those found guilty need to be punished. Many times in my lifetime, horrendous crimes were pushed to the side, hopefully, to be forgotten…until the next one. They say history repeats itself.

…That’s 30, God Bless America.

One thought on “Capitol attack investigation

  1. The resistance for investigating the January 6 insurrection is a clear message that far too many politicians are afraid of upsetting those who contribute to their reelection funds. There are so many wrongs that will likely not be corrected: gerrymandering, Citizens United, SCOTUS partisanship alignment to name a few. For far too many decades, the existence of systemic racism has seriously clouded or prevented efforts to eliminate generational poverty. It is difficult to understand how any politician could oppose a full investigation of the January 6 insurrection, except that there would be many found guilty of collusion.


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