American History or Political Stunt?

Earlier this month, 14 Republican state attorney generals signed a letter to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona stating that public schools should not receive grant funds to teach about critical race theory. The so-called concern stems partially from research and new findings of the role of slavery in the formation of our country.

Think about what we have learned just this year about racism and our society. Are we more “woke” as we discover new information about the role of slavery and those kept in servitude and isolation?

It makes me think that Black Lives Matter is more than a movement focusing on police brutality. In reading articles in the acclaimed 1619 Project of the New York Times, I’m struck by the amount of history missing from my education. The most recent 60 Minutes broadcast told the story of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Another example of events ignored by educators, historians, and those whom we look to for leadership. I find credibility in that people of color are helping revise the story of the impact of slavery on our country, and they do it with a unique perspective.

I am disgusted by the political divide that continues to permeate more and more elements of our communities. Apparently, these attorney’s general believe they can gain favor and political support by playing the race card. Their letter was blatantly political and should not be a factor in the decision of those education professionals.

..that’s 30, We can learn from this.

2 thoughts on “American History or Political Stunt?

  1. Your suggestion that the actions of fourteen Republican attorneys general in expressing an opposing opinion regarding critical race theory and the 1619 Project is “disgusting”, “divisive” and “playing the race card” is itself divisive and political. First of all these theories are promoted by a liberal media (NYT). And yes, some terrible racial injustices have been overlooked in our education. But the suggestion that this country was founded for the purpose of protecting and promoting slavery, as the 1619 Project does, is false and frankly outrageous. If you believe our educational curriculum should be left to “educational professionals”, just remember, these are the same wonderful people who brought you the education that you received…..and which you now condemn.
    If this kind of rhetoric of division and national condemnation continues, we will be convincing our children that the United States is an evil country that should be destroyed, and not the nation that has contributed more than any other in history to the betterment of mankind through its generosity, advances in medicine, technology, defense and countless other fields. Can we not focus on that? Just a little????


  2. You are correct that there is much that is missing from our education, not only regarding slavery, but many other parts of our American culture. Critical race theory is a theoretical concept that is essential to understanding many of the philosophical strands that prop up Black/African/African-American culture that all should know about. The unfortunate failing of education is that Black students are not taught about CRT, much less other so-called “races.”


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