We May Never Know

We will never know what the Impeachment trial vote would have been if it was a secret ballot. At the trial’s conclusion, some speculated that quite a few senators would have changed if their vote had been secret ballot. But that’s not how our country works.
It is sad to think that many have put party politics first. Some had made up their minds even before the trial started, which, in my humble opinion, is shameful.

Trump Rally

I believe any reasonable person who followed events leading up to the Inauguration, the January 6th riot, and the trial would undoubtedly believe the former President orchestrated the attack on our Capitol.

While I am not surprised with the outcome, I am concerned about the impact on our culture. Does this send a message that white privilege is permissible? The march and attack were well planned. While a few people of color were seen, the racist overtones of the attack were deafening. We must work on ending racism in our country.

On this day after the trial, I have the feeling that “other shoe is yet to drop.” I’d like to know what prosecutors across the county are doing. How much was the Trump campaign involved in the planning and logistics of the attack? Who was giving the former President tips and advice? I find it hard to believe he was the lone and yet un-indicted conspirator.

I trust the Fourth Estate will not let this all fade away, and in the words of Paul Harvey, we will learn “the rest of the story.”

…that’s 30. Be Kind. Be Civil. Be Honest.

One thought on “We May Never Know

  1. My politics will show, but after the disaster that was an impeachment trial from the ex-prez defense, I really don’t care. At first, I thought about expressing embarrassment for being a blue-in-a-red state, but the more I thought about it, the Kansas embarrassment is on the other side. To see Republicans so frightened of electorate backlash for a “convict” vote is truly an embarrassment. I suppose some can hide behind fear for themselves and their families as terrorist gangs have already demonstrated their willingness to do bodily harm to those with whom they disagree. When public confidence in Congress was already at a terribly low level, the events surrounding the election’s aftermath will likely drive that confidence even lower (if that is possible). I have long viewed processes such as these as a pendulum and hope that the solid performance by the House Managers, the sham excuses offered by Republican leaders, the slim majority by Democrats of both Houses of Congress, the integrity shown by the new President, and much more will continue the momentum of the pendulum swing. Call it karma or whatever, we may be seeing a resurgence of civility that will overcome and dominate America. Time will tell.


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