Domestic threats of more violence

What does it say about our country when the Department of Homeland Security issues an Advisory Bulletin regarding a “hightened threat environment across the United States”? According to DHS, these “violent extremeists” could well be a neighbor, someone who believes the election was stolen. One of the concerns is that there could be mobilization or plans to incite or commit violence, much like what we saw on January 6th. A day we will all remember.

I believe that many of these radical thinkers continue to feed off the false narratives of politicians who are continuing to stir up the former Presidents’ base. I see them as opportunists, not the public servants they were elected to be.

What can you and I do about this? Well, if we can help tone down the rhetoric, listen to what others have to say, and try to understand their position. As an individual, I will not change the mind of someone who believes in these radical accusations. However, demonstrating civility towards others can be contagious. Perhaps more contagious than Covid-19. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Let’s hope this threat of violence is a wake-up call for “We the people.”

…that’s30. What are your thoughts?

One thought on “Domestic threats of more violence

  1. My thoughts about domestic terrorism take me back to the 60s when a president, his brother, and the leader of the civil rights movement were assassinated. There were riots in cities around the country, including Kansas City. College students were murdered by National Guard on their campus. The outcry about an unjust war in Southeast Asia dominated the headlines. Some of us went to that war and many didn’t return. One major difference between then and now is the presence of social media. Huge crowds can be mustered in a moment’s notice, organized and communicated with through the very technologies we have come to cherish. Gone are the trusted media giants everyone listened to, now replaced by hundreds of unregulated cable “experts.” If that was 50 years ago and this is now, what will our grandchildren experience in the future?

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