Is it over yet?


I watched the inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris. I also watched the departure of Former President Trump and his family.

I’m feeling a sense of relief in that everything will soon return to some level of normalcy. I feel safe that this new administration is in the hands of experienced leaders and people who will put the country first.

I may not agree with everything this new administration will do, but I feel it will be thought out and not a knee jerk reaction to social media. I’m also relieved to see a very diverse group of people appointed to key administration positions. Gone are the family influencers, the yes-men, and those with racist tendencies and special interests.

But I’m afraid it’s not over yet. As I write, news that the Articles of Impeachment will be sent to the Senate next week for a trial. To say we live in tumultuous times is a vast understatement.

Will the Senate convict? Should he be held accountable? If they don’t convict, what message does that send to those who stormed our Capital?

Healing the deep divisions in our Republic will take understanding, patience, truth, and love of the neighbor.

For now I plan to reread the elegant words of Amanda Gorman.

“The new dawn blooms as we free it

For there is always light,

if only we’re brave enough to see it

If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

…that’s 30 for this week.

4 thoughts on “Is it over yet?

  1. Hope has not been lost and is redeemed and refreshed with the new administration. Change never comes easily and our patience is always tested when things seem to move slowly. Not only is there hope that the diversity most cherish will be the vehicle that moves us to a better life, there is hope that confident and competent leadership can come from younger generations. We have seen some of the worst examples of humanity come from those bent on destroying the values we embrace and now must seek and celebrate the best examples that can bring us together.


  2. I share the feelings of gratefulness that the inauguration was a wonderful and hopeful transition to civility. But let us not be Naïve to believe that is only those who were radicalized that are upset with the American way of life. The vast majority of people who supported Trump for so long were against the “establishment”.
    Let us dig deeper to understand why. The “establishment” that has worked well for those of us who were fortunate enough to work hard, get a good education, and improve our quality of life has left so many others behind. How and why has that happened?
    We must ACTIVELY seek to understand. Whether it is by listening to others who think differently from us as in Braver Angels, or attending American Public Square events, or reading Dream Hoarders it is our sacred duty to act now to find ways to make paths where there are none.

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  3. Is it over yet? Our lis­ten­ing and our wait­ing leads us to show forth a unique and coun­ter­cul­tur­al way of liv­ing and speaking …

    where jus­tice and mer­cy are extend­ed to all peoples;

    where prayer­ful civil­i­ty con­quers angry rhetoric;

    where com­pas­sion reach­es out to the poor, the des­ti­tute, the hungry;

    where plain, hon­est speech over­comes deceit and duplicity;

    where gen­tle­ness, gen­eros­i­ty, empa­thy, and kind­ness gov­ern our lives, our neigh­bor­hoods, and our nations;

    and where God’s love reigns over all. May God bless, America. (Adapted from Richard Rohr)

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