Our Last Move

Last week our house went on the market, and within two days we had three competing offers. It sold over the asking price. Our home had been “staged,” we held an open house, and now we move on to closing. It has been about 18 months since we first started thinking about selling and moving to a senior retirement community; now, we are a couple of months away from moving to our new home.

During our time of discernment, we attended seminars, toured facilities, spent hours of online research, talked to our children, and together determined it was time to make ‘the’ move. We have accepted that we are aging, and this move is an opportunity to manage our independent living situation.

We realize that the mid-’70s are a stage in life when the body thinks differently from the wishful image that we are still 40-ish. Our neighborhood is perfect if you are a young family with kids.
Retirement has been great, we rarely annoy each other, but we need a social life. We need new options to stay actively engaged. We don’t need our four-bedroom, three-bath house with a finished basement and all the required upkeep.

Fountain View at Tallgrass Creek our soon to be home.

We have moved many times in our 40+ years of marriage, and hopefully, this is the last move. We focused on Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC), which will allow us to enjoy independent living until one or both of us needs additional support. At that point, assisted living and or skilled care is available should we need it.

So, now we wait. Our new home is in the final stage of construction, and we have accepted an offer that allows us a simple move from one place to the other. We are anxious to see our new home in person.
The floor plan is excellent, but an in-person visit will make it real.

We look forward to this new era. We will have access to a pool, fitness center, several dining options, on-site medical staff, and a wide variety of activities. Most of all, we look forward to making new friends. We have seen a few of our new neighbors on a couple of Zoom calls.

A big eye-opener was realizing that we are those old folks we saw during our tours of potential senior communities. We are aware that we are fortunate enough to move to such an upscale community when many seniors are alone in less than ideal circumstances.

Part of this process is downsizing. The “stuff” we have accumulated over the years is shocking. Getting rid of it is hard work; our kids don’t want it, but thanks to several social media sites, we could sell quite a bit. A two-day garage sale helped, and what was left, we donated to a local nonprofit and the Salvation Army store.

Perhaps others have been through this process, but for those who haven’t, take your time. Study the options. Visit the properties that interest you and ask a lot of questions. Check with state and medicare reports on their site inspections.

As George Carlin said, “So far, this is the oldest I’ve been,” now we’ll spend time meeting new friends and staying active.

…that’s 30 for today.

2 thoughts on “Our Last Move

  1. Pat and Linda,

    Good luck with your move. Carol and I did much the same last September, getting rid of the larger house with many bedrooms and baths, plus a few acres to maintain. We now own half a duplex that is quite a bit smaller but suits the two of us just fine. We have also decided to spend winters in Florida so we have a condo there. The retired life is certainly enjoyable and I hope we can enjoy each other’s company–in good health–for years to come. I did have to chuckle on your comments about down sizing. What we thought was a beautiful dining room set has no value with our kids (they don’t do dining rooms). All the other furniture plus 45 plus years of “stuff” that nobody wants was very difficult to get rid of. Like you guys, the Salvation Army, St. Vincent DePauls, and others got several items. Take care. Stay healthy.


  2. Now we are giving some serious consideration to this idea. We checked out the property (like Tallgrass) here and even contacted them. Still not quite ready, but who knows how soon we will be. This house feels like an albatross at times. We can now Breathe and 2021 may bring many good changes. So happy for you guys and we hope this will give youse lots of fun and friends. KK&Jimbo


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