Our Election Process

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

Tomorrow is Election Day, and I believe our country is stressed. I know I am. We received our mail ballots, competed them, and delivered them to the county election office. Now we wait, and I suspect that wait will be longer than we all would like. I can only imagine some of the news in the coming days—glitches in counting, lost ballots, challenges, and surprises in outcomes.

It has been a long election season, and I feel many Americans are tired of our political systems and would like some profound change.  Here some suggestions off the top of my head; set spending limits and equalize the playing field.  Then we could move to Truth, a novel approach to letting us know the candidate and their positions. Another idea to consider is vetting the candidates to determine if they have the qualifications and demeanor for the office they seek. 

Now I’ve vented and would like to hear from others how we might improve selecting the right people to serve this wonderful country and its people. Now, go vote if you haven’t and say a prayer for a peaceful resolution of our differences.

…that’s 30 for today.

2 thoughts on “Our Election Process

  1. Suggested Prayer –

    Blessed are Those Who Seek and Speak
    the truth in love

    Blessed are those who put God and Country
    before selfish interests

    Blessed are those who touch
    the garden of my soul

    Blessed are those who yield
    to the results of a fair election

    Blessed are those who celebrate
    the brilliance of service above self

    Blessed are those who hunger
    for the beauty of God in another

    Blessed are those who weep
    when love is a casualty of racial profiling

    Blessed are those who work
    towards a world free of violence

    Blessed are those who see
    what God hath made is good

    adapted from Antony Glenn Miller


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