Your Vote Does Matter

Voting is taking place in a significant part of the county, and I don’t think we can say it enough, your vote counts. Some people I care dearly about tell me they can’t vote for Biden, but they don’t want Trump for another four years. I suspect there are many conflicted voters.  All I can say is to take a long look at the bigger picture.  Consider the quality of life for all people, our planet’s condition, and issues that impact the common good.

Vote your conscience because you will want to live with your decision and not wonder, “what if I voted the other way?”

While the Presidential race is getting the most attention, study your local and state issues. Get to know the candidates and what they stand for.  The bottom line is these races will impact your daily life more than the top of the ticket. 

Once the election is over, I am hopeful we can focus on healing relationships, restoring civility, and the future for our children and grandchildren.

Vote, then ask your family and friends to vote.  Drive a senior to the polling place or babysit for a neighbor so they can vote.

…that’s 30 for now.

One thought on “Your Vote Does Matter

  1. Thanks-Pat!

    You echo my concern- I got away for a three day retreat with some friends. We are at Greer’s Ferry Lake in Arkansas and it is very beautiful- especially on the golf courses!

    However, the rural political signage and conversations down here are at another and higher level! We need to lessen our differences and conflicting behavior!


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