Hello Boomers, time to vote.

Every day 10,000 people turn 65, and the senior vote increases in value.

Scanning news reports just 23 days before the general election, I found striking how important the senior vote is becoming.  The headlines read, ‘Seniors flipping on Trump’ or some variation thereof. It appears especially true in Florida.

Politico reports that in 2016, 52% of seniors supported Trump, those numbers are not there this year, and it is critical as seniors turn out to vote at the highest rates of all demographics.

Many of the reports focus on his handling of the pandemic as a leading cause of the loss of their support. This Boomer would add Trump’s demeanor, lack of empathy, disregard for the truth, and lack of leadership abilities to the list. When asked what is important in this election, some of my friends offered the following healthcare, competent leadership, truth and equity in education.

As a senior living in a so-called Red state, I feel this election will send both parties some strong messages. I am concerned about how the conservative voters will handle the loss of even one race. I am counting on those promising to reach across the aisle will put that into practice if elected. As a country, we need to embrace change.  We need to promote civility and repair the damage done to our American way of life during the past four years. I hold both parties responsible for that damage and to return our country to its once respected position as a world leader.

…that’s30, Plan to Vote

3 thoughts on “Hello Boomers, time to vote.

  1. Your comments reflect the pre-election anxiety that most of us are experiencing!

    We had dear friends over for diner on the deck and a fire pit time of sharing……talking and praying helps.

    We are called to be our best….to be think best…..and expect the best!

    But it is difficult …..I am trusting God’s providence for our country!


    1. As I do when I become anxious or discouraged, I took a short drive late yesterday afternoon (top down, of course) and, because my dog loves to hang out the window, chose to drive through neighborhoods nearby at slow speeds. I was struck by the explosion of yard signs in central JoCo and, without counting, would estimate an edge toward Democrat candidates. I don’t choose to display yard signs myself and wonder how, after the elections, neighbors with opposing views go back to being friendly or if they will at all. As a lifelong voter who cast his first presidential vote by absentee ballot from basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood in 1968, I don’t recall any previous election period in which there was as much hatred expressed in the media. Of course, there is so much more media today than ever before. My age cohort (70+) has seen it all over the years. This new “normal” is beyond anything we have witnessed before. I often wonder if we are like the frogs in the boiling pot? In 1950, the 65+ crowd numbered 4% of the total population. In 1980, that had grown to 23+ and by 2050 is projected to be almost 40%. The age pyramid will have flipped. In 2000 there were 72,000 US centenarians and in 2050 there are projected to be 834,000. Added to the aging of the population are the race/ethnicity changes. White folks will not be in the majority. We may only now be seeing the start of huge changes in elections and their results. Whether I am around to witness continuing change or not, my hope for my children and grandchildren is that this election cycle is an anomaly and not the start of a trend.


  2. I can’t agree more. We all need to put our old beliefs systems aside and look at the damage that’s been done to our country in the name of being “conservative”. We are divided household and yet we are both looking at what is the best thing for the country. It’s time to vote your conscience and deeply look into your mind, because we cannot have another four years of the status quo. Kelly McCurdy


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