We’re Getting Close

Another Debate? Maybe yes, Maybe No

In twenty-five days, Americans will elect our next President. I fully expect we will witness unusual events in the coming days. This morning it was announced the next debate would be virtual.  Within minutes the incumbent announced he would not debate in front of a computer where he could be cut off. 

While politicians will do what they will do, we must promote voting, the most important duty as an American.  Many say my vote won’t matter; others say they can’t support either, and some have never voted.  I believe this year, it is more important than ever to exercise your right and vote your conscience.  

To borrow the line from a friend, “Pray, Think, Vote.”

…that’s 30 for today, w2hat do you think?

One thought on “We’re Getting Close

  1. I like your Pray, Think, Vote…..but I think we need to add Plan!
    I will plan to vote for candidates on both parties! I will write my plan out!


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