Speedy Delivery

I suspect our favorite mailman, growing up, Mr. McFeely, is turning over in his grave with the U.S. Post Office’s current status.

About two months ago, Louis DeJoy was appointed Postmaster General. In his first two months, he has reorganized the organization into three business operating units.

If memory serves me, the Post Office has struggled for many years. Much of it due to new technology, communications developments, and the evolution of new business models.

According to the Postal Service in the last 13 years, total mail volume has declined by 33 percent, and first-class postage has dropped by 42 percent. What amazes me is how the nation’s second-largest civilian employer (630,000 employees) let this get so far out of hand. Where is Congress?

I realize the Postal Service does not receive tax revenues and is a self-funding entity and have huge financial deficits. But, they are a vital operation to the U.S. economy, and the public interest. Yes, they must evolve. They surely need to investigate many potential operational and revenue opportunities.

Now they are caught in the nasty web of politics just months before the general election. Voting by mail makes sense and has been successful for many years in some states. The Postal Service has been the standard for other critical services like bill payments, payroll delivery, to name a couple of examples.

It seems to me that this vital service is a hostage in a time of much-needed reform.

…that’s 30, What’s your opinion?

2 thoughts on “Speedy Delivery

  1. Well said. Mail has slowed and as a result, people do not rely on next day delivery unless they pay extra. As a result, we should only have delivery every other day, and save a great deal of labor.


  2. Actually, the USPS has undertaken many reforms and is actually considered very efficient by those who study it. Some of their attempted reforms, such as closing full time post offices in small villages and instead using contract post offices spaces in other businesses in the same town, have been blocked by Congress – no rural congressman wants them closed. They pump too much money into rural economies. The only reason the USPS runs a deficit is because Congress decreed that it has to prepay all pension obligations. No other agency or private company has this requirement. Apart from this, the USPS would run a profit. The USPS is a lifeline in every rural area. Without it’s mandate to serve every community, rural communities across the country would be without delivery services, because it is not profitable. Why it has become a conservative whipping boy is beyond me.


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