Nonprofit Abuse

This week the Attorney General of New York made a bombshell announcement. She has filed suit, asking that the NRA be dissolved due to mismanagement, abuse of mission, corruption, and greed of several executives. Her lawsuit is a civil action, but she has not ruled out criminal charges.

Initial reactions claim political motivations, and gun rights concerns. The A.G. says the investigation leading to the suit began over 18 months ago. Another lawsuit has been filed by the A.G. of the District of Columbia, citing wrongdoing by the NRA’s charitable foundation.

There is little doubt that both legal actions will be a long-fought battle in the courts. Both efforts are focused on corruption and fraud and do not appear concerned with gun rights protected by the 2nd Amendment.

The lawsuit accuses the N.R.A. and the executives of “violating numerous state and federal laws” by enriching themselves, as well as their friends, families and allies, and taking improper actions that cost the organization $64 million over three years. 

NY Times

My initial thoughts are about the thousands of loyal NRA members/donors who put their faith in the organization. A few corrupt individuals have looted the organization of which they so strongly believe. I wonder if these individuals came to believe they were above the law? Or, that they have been doing this for so long, nothing would happen to them. As the Attorney General of New York said, no one is above the law.

…that’s 30 for today. What are your thoughts?

One thought on “Nonprofit Abuse

  1. Responding to this blog is difficult since nearly any position will irritate those who are passionate supporters of Second Amendment rights or, perhaps, those who are passionate critics about gun safety and violence. As a Vietnam Veteran, I have experienced armed military action and do not own any firearms. That aside, I can only comment on this issue from the point of view of having myself created and sponsored a 501c3 charity and, from those experiences, clearly understand the rules governing such organizations. I know and confirm annually that neither I nor any family member benefits from any part of my orgainzation. Of course, we do not attract thousands and thousands of individuals who pay membership fees. The amount of money isn’t the issue. The dishonesty is the issue. I have been involved in cases involving theft of amounts much, much smaller committed by a retired police officer serving in a school security position and know he was guilty, too, although his theft from student vending machines was a pittance compared to these alleged thieves in the NRA. As in nearly all instances, many are hurt because of the actions of a few whose moral compasses have taken them off course.


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