The Next 100 Days

In about 100 days, our country will have a general election. Between now and then, we will be force-fed political ads, news conferences, and generally contentious spin. Our mailboxes will be full of candidate flyers. I am already tired of it, and it’s just begun.

Thinking about these next 100 days, I wonder how we will treat each other when it is over? I genuinely believe we are all weary of the pandemic, the protests, and finger-pointing. Should the election turn out to be the opposite of the way I would like it, can I accept and support the majority? (Or Electoral College)

What can we do individually to prepare for whatever the outcome is? How will we act?

…that’s 30 for today.

2 thoughts on “The Next 100 Days

  1. Good question(s), Pat. And you’re right–it is already excruciating. At the risk of being a glutton for punishment, I just took my training to volunteer as a poll worker (insert your own poll/pole-working joke here). I do look forward to seeing my neighbors next week and in November.

    Remember–even as painful as our system is at times, it is still the freest and most representative in the history of the world! We have improved it for 244 years, and I am confident we will continue to improve for centuries forward.

    Governing philosophies have swung wildly with the electoral wins and losses over those years. I will maintain my #CodeOfCivility.


  2. I’ve been sitting on your words here for awhile wondering just how I will react. Accepting the 2016 election results were difficult and we hadn’t yet seen what was to come in the next 4 years. I agree with the words of civility above and have confidence that our American ideals will survive, regardless of the outcome of the office of the presidency. What may be even more interesting and telling is whether the House can maintain Democrat control and whether the Senate will flip. If that should happen, I can only hope that greater accountability of the administration will be forthcoming.


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