The Pandemic and Masks

The news about the pandemic is not favorable this week. By all accounts, there is a dramatic increase in the number of new cases and deaths. In Kansas, health experts report that people in their 20’s and 30’s make up the majority of those cases. Speculation is that the rise may well be the result of gatherings over Memorial Day.

The medical experts say those not wearing masks in public places exacerbate the problem. Those invincible young folks that are gathering in bars, parties, and preferred social settings are risking their health and that of their families.

Has wearing a mask to keep others safe become a political issue? I don’t understand how this violates anyone’s rights, as some claim. I am not crazy about wearing one as they are not comfortable, but I believe it is the right thing to do.

As crucial as the racism issue is, has it superseded the pandemic? Can we not give priority to both? This virus does not see color, and we need to care for each other. Do you wear a mask? Why or Why Not?

…thats30 for today.

5 thoughts on “The Pandemic and Masks

  1. Pat, i do wear a mask when out going out anywhere. May not be comfortable but i feel guilty not wearing. The question of whether racism supersedes the pandemic is a good one. It has been reported that Covid cases among minorities has a higher percentage than that of whites. Would it not then make sense that when peacefully protesting the racism in this country (that I am in total agreement) to limit the risk of infecting those same people you are rallying for by wearing masks. While many do wear, there are simply too many that do not.


  2. Each of us is first being asked to take personal responsibility regarding the pandemic. But our public heath challenge depends on all of us in the community. I wear a mask when I need to be in public. However, I find isolation to be the best option. This especially important as it is difficult to believe in our public leaders.
    Like so many, I support peaceful movements like black lives matter and pray for racial justice, equality. I believe in a biblical world view that teaches us all lives matter. However, I would not participate in a pubic protest. Such activity would not be safe. Once the pandemic is over then we would be able to offer public support of anti-racial activities.
    Again, we take the pandemic seriously. We do not eat out or have others to our home. This includes no traveling to visit family. We have had two exceptions when good friends will join us for desert or drinks on our deck, while maintaining social distancing. All this takes resilience and determination. How do we find on-going resilience when there is no end in sight? How can we help others recover from the trauma and financial loss of this disaster?


  3. I spent 12 months in Vietnam and would have never thought to go anywhere without a flak jacket and helmet. Fortunately, neither were gave protection from danger, but it would have been idiotic to not wear them. It seems the same is true of masks. I don’t go too many places where I come into contact with potentially infected individuals, but I can’t think of a reason why something as simple as a mask has become such an issue. I do know that wearing a mask provides a positive example for my family and friends.


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