Making Voting Cool Again

I never thought I would say, less write about pro football doing something right and positive. Until; today, when I read what Patrick Mahomes II, Tyrann Mathieu, and the Chiefs are planning a new voter registration effort.

In recent years I have been very outspoken about the actions of a few pro athletes, especially when it comes to domestic violence. My opinion has been many of them act as though they deserve special privileges. When I learned of Patrick and Tyrann’s plan to develop a voter registration effort, it made me rethink some of my earlier views.

Here is what Mahomes told John Dixon of Arrowhearpride.

“It came from talking and listening to teammates and people throughout our organization,” said the Super Bowl MVP. “Obviously, with voting coming up for our local offices and everything like that, we wanted to make sure that was on the front of our mind. We’ve talked about several things — nothing that is completely [formed] in stone — [but] voter registration was one big one that we really want to move forward with.”

“If we are to really give those people a voice,” said Mathieu, “and really allow those people to go into their communities and really select their leaders, I think that’s going to be very, very important going forward. I think if you’re going to change anything, you’re going to have to educate people on what it is that they have to do to change things — more than just protesting. They have to really find a call to action. I think that can impact a lot of people. I think that can really see a good change.”

The two said they have already spoken to Chiefs owner Clark Hunt and team president Mark Donovan about their plans they will meet next week. 

I look forward to hearing more about this effort and congratulate all involved. If number 15 keeps behaving as has been, I might cheer for the Chiefs, (except when they play the Denver Bronco’s.) Thanks Patrick.

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