Anticipating Change and New Beginnings

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As we begin to see our communities open up from the initial wave of Covid-19 many of us are anticipating a great deal of change in our near future.

Last week Ford announced they are opening their plant near Kansas City, and they have created a 70-page employee manual detailing their new normal. Manufacturing plants are complicated, as I remember from my time at Boeing. I can only imagine new factory employee guidelines and operating procedures.

Churches are developing their plans to worship at a safe distance. Many are forgoing song as the experts say this will distribute viruses. What is church without our favorite hymns? Communities are trying to determine if and or when to open pools and recreation centers. Online grocery shopping is fast becoming routine.

School districts are working hard to figure out how and when schools can continue. I suspect there will be significant changes when this happens. Youth sports and summer activities will most likely experience new policies.

We are also experiencing innovation and creativity. Take, for example, Telehealth; medical offices have adapted quickly to employing technology to see patients. Workplace cleanliness will no doubt take on a more significant role. Could we see firms hiring a Director of Sanitation? I suspect there are other examples of new careen opportunities not even known today.

What are your thoughts, ideas, or hopes as we navigate the pandemic? Let’s begin a dialog.

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