Thought about Giving Tuesday

If you are inclined to support a favorite nonprofit, please consider the following as you make a decision.

Many people are fast to say they do not want to support overhead. They want their donation to go right to a specific project or element of service. That is good and always helpful, but most nonprofits need to fund their overhead to perform specifics.

I was once associated with a nonprofit that managed monthly SSDI checks for people unable to manage their own money. The Representative Payee Program is a vital service that keeps many people housed, with necessary medicines and other needs.

In most cases, the program’s volunteers are essential to making sure their clients have bills paid, food in their pantry, and critical medicines. The volunteers need computers, workspace, office supplies, and proper heating and airconditioning. Things most consider overhead.

When deciding to support such a project, inquire if the nonprofit charges for payee service or if they cover all these expenses. Therefore justifying a need for supporting “overhead.”

Giving to a nonprofit is very rewarding. Helping keep the doors open and serving those in need may not be exciting, but I assure you a basic need.

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