News or Show?

The New York Times recently published an Editorial suggesting the media stop live feeds of the daily Presidential briefings. As one who has watched more of these than I care to admit, I must agree with the Times.

I watch in hopes that I will learn something new. But like most Trump “briefings,” it is mostly self-aggrandizing. I want to hear from the experts, not from a politician with self-serving motives.

I have noticed more of the media is not carrying the event live; instead, they are watching and reporting on any real news that may result. In the days before we had “live,” that was the standard.

I am concerned about the not so subtle attempts to control the media. Yes, I agree that some media outlets tend to have a bias, but for the most part, the mainstream media remains true to journalistic standards.

One thought on “News or Show?

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. The briefings should be led by the medical experts and only if there is new and relevant information.

    Trump has replaced his rallies with these briefings.


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